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Kids are Back-to-School, Now What?

With the frenzy of back-to-school preparations and the first week of school finally behind them, your kids are back to school but actually more susceptible to becoming even more stressed…
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Repair a Hostile Workplace in 4 Steps

Most offices today operate under the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” structure. This is unwise because many work environments are actually broken; they just go unnoticed. A fractured…
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Losing Sleep Means Gaining Weight

Have you been having trouble losing those last 10 pounds? Sometimes exercising and cutting back on unhealthy food isn’t enough. Sleep deprivation can affect your health. In fact, lack of sleep causes weight…
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Say Goodbye to Office Stress

If you’re feeling stressed at the office there is a way for you to reduce office stress without falling behind on your work. If you can spare five-minutes you can…
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4 Ways to Come Back from a Setback

Are you experiencing a setback? Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, it’s always important to brush off the incident and get back on your feet. With the right…
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Which type of empty nester are you, Mindful Family, Mindful Living Network

Which Type of Empty Nester Are You?

When children leave home every parent experiences it differently this is also known as the empty nester syndrome. Understanding what type of empty nester are you can help you tackle…
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Broccoli Salad With Soy Bacon

Looking for a refreshing salad to satisfy your hunger. Try this Mindful broccoli salad recipe with soy bacon. It is incredibly nutritious and full of yummy flavor. Broccoli is a…
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