Week 3

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Healthy Diet in a SNAP?

A healthy diet is an important part of Mindful Living. A person’s access to a healthy diet shouldn’t be limited by the money they have in their wallet. The Supplemental…
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Overcome Your Loneliness

Staying in touch with loved ones has been made easy with all of our recent technological advances; however, cases of loneliness seem to be rising. According to Duke University researchers,…
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Legendary Female Tycoons

Being a businesswoman in America has not always been easy. Not too long ago, America’s “marriage bar” restricted employment opportunities for married women. Even if a married woman was able…
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Nature’s Cleaning Trio- Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Living green has always been very important to me. It comes with being on the farm, raising horses, rescuing and fostering dogs and cats. Living green reduces my carbon-footprint and…
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Increase Your Brain Power with Food

We meditate and practice stress relieving techniques for better mental health. Yet, research shows that there’s another way to improve our cognitive capabilities. With brain boosting foods, we can eat our…
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Hispanic museums, National Hispanic Heritage Month,

3 Hispanic Museums You’ve Got to Check Out

National Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect opportunity for us all to learn more about Hispanic history, culture, and art. And visiting an exhibit can help you do just that.…
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hate crimes, bright future for america, ally for latino americans

Be an Ally for Latino Americans

The annual celebration of Hispanic heritage couldn’t come at a more pressing moment. The rise of anti-immigration sentiment here in the U.S. has impacted many Latino Americans, and hate crimes…
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Couch Potato Exercises 101

Watching television is fun, but it can make you sick. Being a couch potato can lead to serious health problems, including neck strain, tight hips, and an increased risk of…
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Apps That Reduce Stress

Have you been feeling stressed lately? The solution may be found on your smartphone. Fifty-six percent of Americans have smartphones and upwards to 300 apps are created every day, so there…
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Survive a Empty Nest

When your children leave home, parents may feel sadness, loneliness, and emptiness. Does this situation sound familiar? Waving goodbye to your last child, you begin the long drive home. The…
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