Create Your Own Nail Polish Rituals

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Create Your Own Nail Polish Rituals

There is a sacred bond between women stylists. We all love our manicures and pedicures. There is nothing like relaxing while someone massages, nourishes, and colorizes our beautiful hands and feet. Our nail stylists have become as endearing to most of us as our sisters or friends. There is a bond of confidence, trust, and love between a woman and her nail stylist. It is most times similar to your relationship with your therapist. Our nail stylists help us traverse through life as we face illnesses, divorces, deaths, and career moves.

Our Nail Rituals

We take our ritualized journey to our nail salon just as one would make a pilgrimage to a sacred site. Many of us get to our sacred place, the nail salon, and then face the difficult decision of what perfect color we want to be painted on our nails. I suggest we elevate our nail salon experience to a more profound ritualized experience. You can use the power of color to symbolize the many stages, experiences, and events of life.

Color Is a Powerful Symbol

Color is a powerful symbol to our psyche and in all cultures around the globe. Here are some ideas to ritualize the colors you choose on your nails. Have fun with a variety of colors.

  1. Celebration. When you are celebrating a promotion, buying a new car, or getting a new cat, celebrate with a vibrant, happy color on your nails.
  2. Holidays. Celebrate July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hannukah or Easter with a color that symbolizes that particular holiday. During Lent, I wear purple to remind me that for forty days, I commit to something I want to change. The reminder is on my hands, so I don’t forget.
  3. Grief. When you experience loss, you may want to wear a dark color to symbolize your state of mourning.
  4. Power. Wear your favorite power colors when you are feeling your awesome power and authority in the world.