Healing Gardens

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Healing Gardens

Gardening has been shown to improve your health. The CDC says that 2.5 hours of gardening a week is great for strengthening your muscles and burning calories. Gardening can also improve your mental health. Psych Central says that it’s a therapeutic way for your mind to relax. Create one or a combination of all three types of healing gardens project this year. You can turn your garden into a Mindful sanctuary.

Listed below are three types of healing gardens that will go a step further to relax and help you heal

Water gardens

Water gardens are a popular option for people looking for tranquility. They come in different sizes from a small, indoor pot to a barrel to backyard ponds. When deciding on foliage consider floating plants (like duckweed), emergent plants that require soil underwater (like water lilies), and bog plants (like cattails). These gardens require simple maintenance. You can find all the equipment that you need at your local garden nursery like special pots. The peaceful sounds of the water should relax you in no time.

Aromatic gardens

The appearance of a garden is probably the first thing many garden enthusiasts consider, but the aroma of a garden is just as important. Spending time in a fragrant garden is a great way to calm your nerves. So which fragrant plants should you consider planting in your garden? The scent of basil is said to awaken and stimulate the brain. Lavender is said to relax an individual. The scent of rosemary and spearmint can be a natural pain reliever. And lemongrass can help lift your mood.

Herb gardens

Having an herb garden is a great way to boost your health and to ensure that your meals are extra tasty. The American Institute for Cancer Research says that garlic can destroy cancer cells. Oregano has high levels of antioxidants. Thyme is said to help with fatigue and depression. Parsley helps ensure that your immune system stays healthy. And cilantro has lots of beneficial properties like high levels of iron, magnesium, and fiber. With these herbs you’ll be able to improve your health with every delicious bite.


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