Job Burnout Interventions

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Job Burnout Interventions

Do you suffer from “job burnout”? Job burnout occurs when a person is utterly exhausted by work, both physically and mentally. Here at the Mindful Living Network, we have offered personalized tips on how to overcome job burnout. But a study from the United Kingdom shows that company-wide interventions could be beneficial.

Researchers from Leeds Beckett University studied the effectiveness of both individual and company-wide interventions. In the study, the researchers found that there were burnout benefits to both individual and organizational interventions. With individual interventions, employees signed up for staff training, therapy, and workshops to reduce their job burnout. With organizational interventions, the company culture and work practices were modified to benefit all employees.

Overall, the report found that organizational interventions produced longer-lasting effects on job burnout, specifically organizational interventions with “managerial involvement and support.” In their conclusion, the researchers suggest using a combination of individual and organizational intervention programs “in order to maximize intervention effectiveness.”

Would you like to start a company-wide burnout intervention for your employees? Consider the four tips listed below.

Know the Causes

In order to reduce burnout throughout the company, it’s important that you first know the causes. Experts have said that three factors (emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment) contribute to job burnout. When establishing a workforce intervention, try to include programs that target these factors.

Invest in Self-Care Seminars

Providing self-care programs can help your employees overcome their emotional exhaustion. You can have company-wide education sessions on meditation, stress, and relaxation. You can also offer social or communication training programs. And make sure that your employees have access to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Provide Resources for Employees

When employees feel supported at work they’re less likely to experience job burnout. Reducing job ambiguity around the office, providing social support, offering regular feedback from supervisors, and regularly rewarding employee’s hard work can help create a more personalized work environment and increase their feeling of personal accomplishment. This, in turn, can reduce job burnout.

Have Refresher Courses

A German study found that having “refresher courses” after the initial intervention was beneficial for the employees and that they enhanced the effectiveness of the training programs. So consider having regular company reviews on burnout or regular informational sessions.


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