More Young People are Dying of Colon Cancer

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More Young People are Dying of Colon Cancer

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Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Because of this, researchers are looking for causes for the increase of colon cancer in young people. Increased drinking in young people, bad diets lacking fresh fruits and vegetables, too little exercise, being overweight and obese, and smoking are believed to be causes of colon cancer. There is a change in the body’s microbiome, the bacteria in the gut, which can be tied to many factors.

Reduce Your Colon Cancer Risk

  1. Become aware of your drinking practices. For example, many young people are drinking too much alcohol.
  2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables
  3. Maintain your normal weight.
  4. Discover an exercise you enjoy and do it regularly.
  5. Quit smoking.
  6. If any of your regular bowel habits change for a period of time, visit your doctor or healthcare professional.


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