A Nap a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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A Nap a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

A short siesta could literally improve your life, but not all U.S. companies see napping as the tool to increase productivity that it is. Drowsiness on the job costs American businesses approximately $18 billion a year lost in productivity. But, can a nap a day keep the doctor away?

When you unplug, brain waves shift from Beta (13-40 cycles per second) to Delta (.5-3 cycles per second). This shift can have great benefits. According to a recently published study, taking a nap at least three times a week for about half an hour lowers the risk of heart-related illnesses by 37 percent. The strongest evidence was in working men. And studies affirm the need for relaxing, napping rooms. They not only recharge the brain, but they’re also needed for practicing essential stress reduction techniques.


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