2021: New Year! New You!

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2021: New Year! New You!

Why is it that most of us fail to keep their New Year resolutions? We are so overbooked, overworked, and overwhelmed that our resolutions just become another “wish” list for a new life of happiness and peace that continues to elude us. Most of us are tired of living our precious lives like Billy Murray in the movie Groundhog Day. Remember Einstein’s infamous quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

6 Simple Tips for Your Best Year Ever  


Create a theme. What would you like to be your greatest triumph this year? Name this year with one word or phrase that will describe what you will embody this year. For example, try “Forgiveness,” “Money,” “Go To School,” “Love,” “Balance,” “A Job I Love,” or “A New Business.”


Choose three concrete goals you would like to create in your life this year. Write them down. Use a ritual or ceremony to symbolize your commitment to these goals. Make a step-by-step plan. Assess your goals every week. Some examples of these goals include a new job, better marriage, reduced debt, or healthier living.


Reinforce your new practices by creating a positive affirmation such as “Life is good,” “I am healthy,” or “My life is love.” This helps you build positive energy, boost your confidence, and increase your focus on your goal. Repeat it often during your busy day. Stick notes on important items you use daily, such as the mirror, refrigerator, your car dashboard, or your computer.

Remind yourself

Use physical, sensory reminders that reinforce your memory. Wristbands, a bracelet or beads can serve as physical and visual reminders. Listen to motivational music or tapes of inspirational people you enjoy. Keep a journal on paper or online to reflect on your growth each day. Focus on the positives. Create rituals that reinforce change and new practices.


There is increasing scientific evidence that your community keeps you healthy. Enlist support from friends and family. Create a buddy system with someone you trust to make sure you stay on track. Join online groups and blog lists. This helps you stop procrastination.


Stress forces us back into old habits, so it’s important for us to reduce and manage it. Become aware of what triggers your stress. Each time some event or person hits your stress trigger, practice stress reduction techniques. At least once a day play, do a relaxation practice, and laugh.


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