Sports Reduce Stress

Exercise improves our mental and emotional health by releasing our body’s “feel-good” chemical, endorphins. Exercise helps us release built-up tension in a healthy way and helps us get a better night’s sleep. Individuals who participate in any type of exercise, including walking, experience great health benefits.

Even more powerful is the synergy between exercise and positive affirmations. Repeating inspirational phrases such as “I am strong,” while inhaling and mentally releasing stress as you exhale can further boost the body and mind. As you do this your body and mind will fill with the oxygen and endorphins brought about by exercise.

Team sports also incorporate added psychological advantages. The group interaction inherent in team sports is essential for our health. Studies show that isolation decreases immune functioning and increases mortality risk. Sports can also return us to the playfulness of our childhood, positively impacting everything from our creativity to our immune cells. Participating in sports is also a great way to learn valuable life lessons such as teamwork and grace in losing, which can help us to deal with stressful situations in other areas of life, such as work and family issues, in a healthy way.

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