Wedding Traditions from Around the World

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Wedding Traditions from Around the World

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We have some unique cultural wedding traditions in America, but have you ever wonder what weddings are like in countries on the other side of the globe?

Wedding customs from around the world vary from simplistic and intimate to grand and extended (some ceremonies lasting a full week). Here’s an inspirational look at traditions wedding customs from around the world.

Wedding Traditions Around the World
The Attire

Traditionally, Chinese brides may wear a red, silk dress on their wedding day. In Spain, the bride embroiders a shirt for her groom to wear for their ceremony. Before the wedding, an Indian bride has a Mehndi (henna) ceremony where her hands and feet are decorated with floral designs to represent fertility.

A Community Affair

In Jamaica, the bride parades through the streets and the entire village is invited to celebrate at the reception. In rural Indonesia, the lovebirds personally invite each of their guests by visiting their homes. In Germany, loved ones create a wedding newspaper with the couple’s photos and stories. They’re sold at the reception to help pay for the honeymoon.

Luck and Togetherness 

Some Swedish brides get coins from their parents (a gold coin from mom, a silver coin from dad) to place in their shoes for good luck. In Japan, there’s usually a sake-sharing ceremony, where the bride and groom share sake with their parents to symbolize a new bond between them.

The Ceremony

In Orthodox Russian ceremonies, the couples are literally crowned royalty for the day and stand on a special carpet. In some Mexican weddings, the priest binds the bride and groom with a rosary lasso, in an eight pattern, to symbolize an eternity of marriage.

Rethink Your Gifts

In Cuba, the bride performs a money dance. She dances with her guests who then pin money to her gown to help pay for the honeymoon. In Italy, brides carry a satin bag known as la borsa. Guests place money in the bag as a gift.

Future Weddings

It’s Turkish custom for single women to sign the bride’s shoe soles. At the end of the night, the name that has rubbed off is the next person to be married. It’s Welsh tradition for a bride to carry a myrtle bouquet. She later shares the flowers with her bridesmaid and they plant the flowers. If it blooms than they’ll marry soon.


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