Why Are Our IQ Test Scores Falling?

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Why Are Our IQ Test Scores Falling?

are we getting dumber

It seems with the advent of technology, science, and education we should be getting smarter. But emerging research is telling us that we are getting dumber with each generation. IQ test scores have been on a steady decline for decades. A study by the Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research looked at almost 750,000 men. The research shows that men born in 1962 had higher IQ scores than men born in 1991. The men born in 1991 had IQ scores that were five points lower than men born in 1962.

Don’t Blame it on Dumb Genes

The researchers tested the same family members from different generations. This showed that the lower IQs are not genetic. The children’s scores were lower than their parents.

Why Are Our IQs Dropping?

Researchers don’t know exactly why our IQs are dropping but have some hypotheses. A possible reason for IQs dropping could be environmental factors. We live on our technology which does more of our tasks and makes us less intelligent. Mathematics, languages, and science are taught different these days. Our brain health has deteriorated over the last decades. Other factors that affect our brain include our lifestyle choices, sedentary time, stress levels, the decline of quality foods and air quality.

Reboot Your Brain

1. Remember the S.E.L.F. Care Program:

  • S=Serenity. Everyday unplug for at least 10 minutes twice a day to relax by meditating, listening to relaxing music, getting in nature or by taking a nap. Your brain needs to relax and unplug from the stresses of life.
  • E=Exercise. Take a walk, do some yoga stretches or go to the gym. Your brain loves exercise. It gets fed with oxygen, blood, and nutrients.
  • L=Love. Meet someone you love for a meal. Call someone once a day to share and laugh. Create a tribe at work or in your neighborhood to laugh, talk and support each other. Your brain chemicals completely changes when you experience love.
  • F=Food. Eat mindfully. Become more aware of the fresh fruits and vegetables you are eating every day. Try to eat eight servings a day and if possible go organic. Eat lean proteins and cut back on your red meat. Eat foods rich in B6 which help your body create serotonin. Food is medicine to your brain.

2. Sleep. We have a large body of research that shows sleep in vital for your intelligence, productivity, and to strengthen your neural connections. Your brain requires lots of sleep to regulate your body’s healing process.

3. Your brain-gut axis. We now have great science showing the powerful relationship between your gut and your brain. There is a superhighway between these two vital organs. The living bacteria in your gut microbiome is connected and helps regulate the brain.

4. Live an Intentional Life. Listen to your heart and follow your bliss. Research shows people who have a purpose or experience meaning in their lives. Reduce their risk of neurodegenerative diseases and helps with cognitive function. The happier you are the more your neurons love you.


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