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A Beautiful Wedding on a Modest Budget

Weddings should be about love, but, these joyous occasions can be quite costly. With mindful planning you can have a wallet-friendly wedding. According to Brides magazine, the average cost of…
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Wedding Traditions from Around the World

We have some unique cultural wedding traditions in America, but have you ever wonder what weddings are like in countries on the other side of the globe? Wedding customs from…
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Loving v. Virginia, loving day, interracial marriage

Love Over Hate

Love Over Hate: A Celebration of Loving Day America may be the “land of the free,” but the right to love is relatively new. On June 12, 1967, the United…
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Overcome Your Loneliness

Staying in touch with loved ones has been made easy with all of our recent technological advances; however, cases of loneliness seem to be rising. According to Duke University researchers,…
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Making Friends at Any Age

If you’re moving or starting a different job, making new friends should be on your to-do list. Companionship will not only bring you happiness, but it can also help you…
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galentine's day

Happy Galentine’s Day!

Female friendships should be celebrated and today, Galentine’s Day, is the perfect opportunity. One day before Valentine’s Day there is Galentine’s Day, a time in which women celebrate the other…
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strawberry, strawberry roses, valentine's day, strawberries

Mindful, Romantic Strawberry Roses

Strawberries are the essence of romance. So this Valentine’s day why not romance your partner with a bouquet of these delicious and healthy treats. Strawberries make a healthy Valentine’s Day…
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Showing Love On A Budget

Valentine’s Day can be a very expensive holiday. People shell out quite a bit of money to buy flowers, cards, and other little trinkets to show their loved ones that…
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How To Create Romance In Your Life

Romance for many of us these days is a long-awaited dream or an intermittent gift we rarely experience in our busy lives. Whether you are single or married you must…
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Love Prescription

The phrase, “Love is a drug,” has been proven true in a sense with research from Syracuse University. Oxytocin: the Cuddle Hormone According to researchers from Syracuse University, brain images…
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