Get Digging and Start Gardening

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Get Digging and Start Gardening

Get digging around in the dirt because it is great stress reliever; as it is enjoying the flowers and the beauty of nature around you. A garden symbolizes creativity, connection, beauty, and hope. In all major global religious traditions, gardens represent paradises on earth, where God created safe enclosures representing innocence and fertility. In Eastern traditions, gardens represent consciousness and connectivity to nature. Start gardening today with our tips and reconnect with mother nature.

Read below for a few tips on how to start gardening today

  • Creativity.  The earth is your canvas and you can create anything you love on this rich canvas. This year plan a creative landscape or try some thing different. Go vertical on your landscape design and create a garden wall. It’s a great idea for gardeners with little space and it makes a definite visual impact. Try hanging window boxes, filling a series of selves with plants, or creating a vertical succulent picture frame.
  • Connection. Gardening is a great opportunity to connect with Mother Nature. Experience the feel of the earth, the wind on your arms, and the sun on your face. Spring gardening gives you communion with the earth, the sunlight, your plants, and your soul. You can also connect to your garden by learning more about the plants that you use. Go beyond the Latin plant names and learn about the plant’s cultural history or any possible medicinal uses.
  • Beauty. Gardening is a great opportunity to create enormous beauty in your life. Go to your gardening center and visualize how the plants will look in your home—this will help you pick the right flowers for the space. Imagine those roses, hydrangeas, and colorful zinnias blooming in your garden and you cutting them for your vases and your dinner table.
  • Hope. Gardens always symbolize hope. As you gently place the plant or flower into the earth become aware of the hope rising in your heart. Share this healing experience with others. Children can learn a lot with gardening projects—planting a garden as a family will make for an educational and fun weekend project. Planting a garden is also a beautiful way to connect with your loved one.


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