Setting an Agenda for Family Meetings

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Setting an Agenda for Family Meetings

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Creating an agenda for family meetings helps create a conversation flow. It relieves stress and anxiety through organized topics; each person has an opportunity to voice his/her opinions and receive and provide feedback from the rest of the family.

The key with family meetings is to create an inviting and open forum for conversation. Nothing discussed by or to your children or your spouse should be taken as attacks or criticism.

 Tips for setting an agenda for family meetings:

  1. Moments of silence. This allows each person to center from their busy day and be present for the family meeting.
  2. Inspirational/motivational message. Each week allow a different member of the family is the leader of the family meeting. When it is your turn, you are responsible for that week’s inspirational message. It can be from a book you love, a person who is your hero, or it can simply be a quote you love.
  3. Gratitude. Each week have a person tell the family what they are grateful for that week. People can be grateful for also sorts of things from health or love to getting good grades or winning a game.
  4. Review of last week. Ask each member of your family: “How was your last week?” Focus on two aspects:
    • Positives. What great things happened?
    • Challenges. What was tough for you?
  5. This week. Ask each member of your family: “What are you looking forward to this week?” Focus on two aspects:
    • What are your positive expectations for the week?
    • What rough patches are you expecting this week?
  6. Help? Ask and see if any of your family members need help. This could mean physical help with a project or psychological or emotional support.
  7. End with an affirmation. Give thanks and be mindful of each other’s feelings. Encourage more interaction in the next family meeting.


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