Stress Busting Tips for Teens

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Stress Busting Tips for Teens

Teens are more stressed than adults, according to a new study. A teen has so much going on in their lives. Teens care about the way they look, friends, school, social events, their future, and they can get overwhelmed or flooded by their busy lives. Here are a few stress-busting tips for teens that all parents should know.

The Dangers of Stress

Parents, teach your teens these tips and educate them on the impacts of stress! Why? Here are top three reasons:

  1. Stress changes your brain
  2. It makes you sick: headaches, drinking, drugs, memory on tests, anger, and depression
  3. Stress will effect and can stop the career you love
Stress Busting Tips for Teens
  1. Deep breathing. Your teen will say, “Really, come on?” But deliberate, slow, deep breathing exercises can significantly increase your body’s coping mechanisms, sources say.
  2. Exercise. Teens spend too much time on technology and not moving their bodies. Research shows exercise reduces stress and depression, creates creativity, energy, and optimism.
  3. Eat better. Eat healthy food high in protein. Reduce the amount of junk food, sugar, and fats you eat. All of these can exacerbate stress. Don’t drink too much caffeine, it will create stress.
  4. Relax and learn relaxation techniques. Try to get a good night’s sleep of at least eight hours a night. The more stressed you are, the more rest you need. Try to get to bed at a reasonable hour.
  5. Make friends. Friends are essential to support a teens stability. Teens listen to their friends and they provide lots of support.
  6. Make lists. Seeing everything on paper may make it look more manageable. When we feel we are in control, the less stress we experience. From that point, you can begin to estimate how long each task will take and schedule it on a calendar.
  7. Curb technology use. Teens spend approximately 7.5 hours on some form of technology: phones, tablets, computers, and televisions. Too much technology creates stress, isolation, and lack of social skills. Too much technology causes stress on the mind, body, and soul.


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