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4 Life Lessons Learned From the Pope’s Visit

All last week the media was abuzz with the pope’s U.S. visit. Pope Francis has been a much talked about religious figure over the last few years for not only…
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Back-to-School Kids Stress Tips

Children’s S.E.L.F. Care Remember this acronym to help your child’s stress: S=Serenity Breath. Teach your child to take several slow deep breaths when they are stressed or fearful. Positive Words.…
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Effects of Stress

Health Effects of Stress Stress is a natural and essential part of life. Our stress response is designed to protect and preserve our lives. Our bodies are constantly responding to positive…
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Relieve Your Debt Stress

Debt stress is a common problem for many Americans, and unfortunately it can affect people’s finances as well as their health. This holiday season, be mindful of the following information.…
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Landscaping Based on Colors from the Chakras

Gardens are a great place for tranquility and relaxation. And gardens inspired by chakras will provide your outdoors space with an extra surge of energy. Chakras are common elements in…
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Cure Your Stress Addiction

Are you addicted to stress? Check out these five Mindful Health® tips to help with your addiction. According to the American Psychological Association, 20 percent of Americans describe their stress…
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More Coca-Cola Please

Being from Atlanta you grow up knowing some basic truths of life. There are some things in life that are not negotiable: drinking Coca-Cola, eating turnip greens, okra and butter…
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Gratitude: the Ultimate Holiday Gift

We all know the feeling of dread that begins with the early flurries of holiday decorations in the stores, then swells as catalogs pour through the mailbox, and the pages…
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An O.M.G. Moment Just Takes a Smile

We talk about the “Oh My God,” moments in our life and I can truly say I have just experienced an Oh My God moment. Please gift yourself with a…
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