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Stress-Proof Your Holidays

The greatest challenge of the holiday season is staying balanced. From gift giving, parties, to in-laws and traveling, stress is inextricably woven into the holiday celebration. Don’t worry try our…
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Start Making Your Own Herbal Tea

There’s no better way to stay warm on chilly nights than drinking a hot brew of herbal tea. There’s a variety of brands, but fresh ingredients are not only tastier…
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Powerful Guided Imagery

One of the most powerful, effective and simple practices to boost your mental and physical health is guided imagery. Guided imagery uses words and images to help the mind focus…
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Got Helper’s High?

Helper’s high is the term used to describe the euphoric feeling we experience when we give to others. This is the season to open our hearts, time and money. As…
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Essential Oils for Stress Relief

With aromatherapy you can use fragrant essential oils to improve your health, your mood and reduce stress. To relieve headaches brought on by stress, consider rubbing two to three drops…
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Combat Loneliness with Awareness

The holiday season is all about bringing people together. In Australia, they have a whole week dedicated to it called Social Inclusion Week. This awareness week – November 19th through…
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Gratitude Reduces Stress

When you experience a series of terrible circumstances or unfortunate events it can be a challenge to find anything to be grateful. But studies show that when you practice gratitude…
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The Season of Rituals

Welcome to the season of rituals. November begins the season of the most profound rituals in our lives. A ritual is a bridge connecting your past, present, and future. Rituals…
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Got Election Stress?

Has this year’s election got you stressed? Hang in there! We have three Mindful tips to help you relieve stress with the American presidential election. This year’s presidential election has…
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Consequences of Overeating

Large meal portions and extra servings can affect our waistline, our wallets and the fate of our planet. But, why exactly do we overeat? Why We Overeat Studies show that…
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