Holiday Travel Tips

Don’t let the stress of traveling ruin your holidays. Prep with these six tips for holiday travels.

Holiday Travel Tips

  • Nurture your self. Be sure to nurture yourself. Take along a favorite blanket, music, or DVD for comfort.
  • Food. Most airports have a variety of places to buy food. Make wise food choices to lower stress levels like omega 3’s, vitamin B, and spicy foods. Eating high fat, greasy foods can make you anxious and feel stressed out.
  • Keep moving. Walk up and down the concourse, or do yoga stretches. This produces endorphins, calming hormones in the brain.
  • Check in. If possible, check in before you get to the airport through the airline app or website.
  • Children. If traveling with children, make a list of items they may want to take with them and place the items in a backpack. Always pack an extra change of clothes for your children.
  • Surrender. Reacting to every obstacle will raise your blood pressure and your heart rate. Surrender to your holiday travel as a classroom and learn from the experiences, good and bad.

You can find even more holiday travel tips and stress reduction tips on our sister site, Mindful Living Network.

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