Stress Reduction

Research tells us the following practices create health in our mind-body connection and help with stress reduction. Breathe This is the foundation to de-stress and heal. We usually take shallow breaths, especially when they are stressed or ill. This starves the body and brain of oxygen which directly affects our immune system and our cardiopulmonary system. When

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Back-to-School Kids Stress Tips

Children’s S.E.L.F. Care Remember this acronym to help your child’s stress: S=Serenity Breath. Teach your child to take several slow deep breaths when they are stressed or fearful. Positive Words. When your child is stressed have them repeat a short positive statement such as, “I am strong, I am safe, or I am loved.” Music.

Relieve Your Debt Stress

Debt stress is a common problem for many Americans, and unfortunately it can affect people’s finances as well as their health. This holiday season, be mindful of the following information. According to recent studies, the average American stresses over approximately $47,000 worth of debt, if not more. Credit card debt, mortgage debt, and student loans

Cure Your Stress Addiction

Are you addicted to stress? Check out these five Mindful Health® tips to help with your addiction. According to the American Psychological Association, 20 percent of Americans describe their stress levels as extreme. Unfortunately, extreme levels of stress cause adrenaline to rush through your body, this creates a “natural high.” The endorphins and dopamine can become

Handling a National Tragedy on a Personal Level

Friday’s killing spree caused many people in the nation new levels of shock. Anger, sadness, resentment, pain, and grief are the emotional aftermath for everyone involved in the shooting of Sandy Hook Elementary School. This shooting massacre is second only to the 2007 Virginia Tech campus event where a lone gunman took over 30 lives. People

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