Exercise Gives You Life

Research tells us exercise produces relaxing hormones such as endorphins, in the body, which reduces stress. Exercising decreases your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, insomnia, Alzheimers, obesity, depression, and stress disorders.

Science tells us exercise lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, gets more oxygen to the brain, causes endorphins to be released and has many additional health benefits.  Exercise lowers the risk of strokes, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

  1. Walking.  Simply going for a walk instantly reduces stress and helps create calm in the body.
  2. Working out. Going to a gym, YMCA, senior center, or neighborhood work out center, at home or away, reduces stress and makes you resilient to future stress. Organize a walking group to meet in the morning or late afternoon each day.
  3. Gardening.  Gardening is ecotherapy, being in nature helps life spirits and helps with stress and depression, also occupies day with healthy exercise and creativity.
  4. Yoga.  Memorize 5 simple yoga stretches. Doing some simple yoga stretches in your chair, on your bed or on the floor relaxes your tense muscles and reduces the stress in your body and refreshes the mind. You can rent a chair or bed yoga tape and learn just 5 moves that you can use anywhere you go.
  5. Couple exercise. Create a daily exercise plan with your spouse and have fun doing your movement together as you age.
  6. Exercise your brain. There are many brain exercise programs; cognifit or Posit Science, that actually grow the brain, increase memory and help brain function, retards aging of the brain.

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