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Thanksgiving Leftovers Makeover

Got leftover holiday tofurky or turkey? To turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into an innovative meal with this delicious sandwich recipe. Leftover Turkey Sandwich After a great feast our family is…
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Thanksgiving Sandwiches

Got a ton of leftover food from Thanksgiving? Don’t know what to do with it? Try revamping your previous meal into a whole new creation with tasty Thanksgiving sandwich, crescent…
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thanksgiving, tofurky, traditional thanksgiving, alternative thanksgiving

Don’t Shudder: Alternative Turkey Ideas

Thanksgiving has become synonymous turkey dinners. According to the National Turkey Foundation, 46 million turkeys are prepared on Thanksgiving and nearly 88 percent of all Americans will have turkey on…
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What Are You Eating on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together. It’s also a time in which extra pounds sneak up on us. According to the American Council on Exercise…
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9 Healing Superfoods

Here are some healing superfoods that you should have in your diet on a daily basis if possible. Food is a natural medicine for your mind and body and it’s…
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emotional eating disorder, emotional eating, tips for emotional eating

Emotional Eating Tips That Can Change Your Life

Do you eat more when you’re feeling stressed? Do you eat to feel better hoping to calm yourself when you’re sad or anxious? Stress, isolation, and sadness are often sources…
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foods for pain relief

10 Foods for Pain Relief

Pills aren’t the only way to deal with pain. Home remedies like hot water bottles and warm tea are known to work wonders on migraines and aching joints. But, did…
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Consequences of Overeating

Large meal portions and extra servings can affect our waistline, our wallets and the fate of our planet. But, why exactly do we overeat? Why We Overeat Studies show that…
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health benefits of chocolate

Is Chocolate Good for You?

Cocoa, known as “god food,” has been beloved by civilizations for centuries. It was considered an aphrodisiac and today, it’s consumed in large amounts. In fact, the average American eats…
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Fall Caramel Apple Snacks

Celebrate autumn by making treats with the season’s most popular harvest: apples! Caramel apple snacks make a great party favor and this fun recipe will be perfect for family get-togethers…
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