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7 Holiday Stress Triggers and Simple Tips to Help

The holiday season is fast approaching and you need to be aware of some of the biggest holiday stress triggers. The top seven holiday stress triggers include: keeping things organized,…
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Powerful Guided Imagery

One of the most powerful, effective and simple practices to boost your mental and physical health is guided imagery. Guided imagery uses words and images to help the mind focus…
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Are You an Emotional Eater?

Do you eat more when you’re feeling stressed? Do you eat to feel better hoping to calm yourself when you’re sad or anxious? Stress, isolation, and sadness are often sources…
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Stress Tips for Holiday Travels

Unpredictable weather, overcrowded airports, and unreliable transportation can all lead to stress and exhaustion, especially during the holidays. Fortunately, there’s a way to get through your holiday break with little…
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A Nap Zaps Stress

Make sure you schedule regular naps during this busy holiday to refresh your mind, body, and soul. A short siesta could literally save your life. According to a published study,…
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STOP the Worry Habit Today

We can worry ourselves sick over everything from our bank account balance to our kids picking up some strange disease or worse yet, strange friends. The reality is more than…
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Stress Tips for Financial Debt

Debt stress is a common problem for many Americans, and unfortunately it can affect people’s finances as well as their health. This holiday season, be mindful of the following information.…
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Sports Reduce Stress

Exercise improves our mental and emotional health by releasing our body’s “feel-good” chemical, endorphins. Exercise helps us release built-up tension in a healthy way and helps us get a better…
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Dissolve Your Fear

Have you noticed how your mind and body changes immediately when you experience fear? Your fight or flight response kicks in immediately to respond to fear to protect you. Research…
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Manage Your Time

Procrastination and disorganization can cause incredible stress. It can also cost you your job, fracture your relationships, and cause you live an insufficient life. Successful people who live happy lives…
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