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effects of unemployment

Unemployment Stress Tips to Help You Survive

Are you or someone you know unemployed? This can be a trying time financially, but it can also have devastating mental and physical consequences. Having the right mindful tips can…
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Boosting Morale at Work

Low morale around the office can be contagious and dangerous in a work environment. To boost the morale or unhappy workers you’re going to need Mindful techniques. Employees can experience…
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Don’t Be a Hostage to Time

Most of us feel as if we are a prisoner to time. We dread time and feel like time is a form of oppression. Most feed off a daily mantra…
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Reduce Your Job Burnout

Has work got you down? It’s normal to experience the occasional work-related blues. However, serious health problems caused by your job may lead to work burnout. Burnout impacts your productivity…
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waste of money, waste your money

Earn Extra Cash This Holiday

This holiday season there are some individuals who are getting into the entrepreneurial spirit. Here are some entrepreneurial spirit job ideas: Holiday personal shoppers. It’s an increasingly popular trend where individuals will…
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Desk Gadgets Help Reduce Work Stress

Desk gadgets make great decorations because they can brighten up a space. Fun sculptures, bobble heads, and unique wind-up toys are just a few office favorites. These toys can help…
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Why ‘Walk-And-Talk Meetings’ Are Great For Anyone

From status updates to problem-solving sessions, millions of American workers are wasting away their workday with constant meetings. They could be wasting away their health as well. Fortunately, a new…
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Employment that Sounds Too Good to be True

Beware of seasonal and holiday employment scams! If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. Jobless rates for November 2012 in America is projected at 8.5…
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6 Creative Ways to Keep Learning

To be truly successful in life and to ensure our own physical, mental, and spiritual health it’s important that we take time to learn new things, whether it’s philosophical theory…
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mindful work tips, networking tips

Networking Tips For Your Career

While strengthening your communications skills and fostering your thirst for knowledge can positively impact your job performance, don’t forget the importance of networking. It’s a Mindful way to further your…
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